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Struggling to Get leads?
Have you tried cold calling, door knocking, direct mail marketing and tired of the results?

Have you paid Zillow, and others THOUSANDS of $$$ only to get crappy leads?

Or better yet, paid someone else to produce results for you and yet nothing seems to work?
It IS Frustrating Not Making $$$...
At the end of the day, NO LEADS = NO MONEY!  You don't need a math formula for that... So the question is, HOW does one get LEADS?
Direct mail cost has increased drastically with printing costs going up as well as postage increasing year in and year out.  Online marketing has increased given all of the agents flocking to the advertising platforms.  And of course, Zillow, Trulia, and others all increase their cost per zip code along with make agents sign long term contracts. 

They are NOT making any more time... so you are expected to use the 24 hours in the day to produce the same results, if not more!  However, there's an increased number of real estate agents entering the market every year. There are over 1.3 MILLION agents in the United States alone!

And oh about the brokers out there that charge a low flat fee to list a home?  Also, we have all heard about Open Door and similar companies coming into the market and gobbling up market share.  Each home listed with a discount broker or bought by an iBuyer means less opportunities for you as an agent as that means there is less inventory for you to compete over.
Well, did you know there's another way....
There's a marketing solution that has NO COMPETITION at the moment...

That marketing solution is YOUTUBE ADS...

That's right, YOUTUBE ADS is the answer and I'm here to help you...
Something Was Different...
I noticed something was different with YouTube Ads because I noticed that NO real estate agents were advertising their services on YouTube.
I have tried all forms of marketing along with helped thousands of agents with theirs and the common trend across the country was the rise of marketing costs.

The 'traditional' methods and even newer ones were just not cutting it anymore.  So it became super evident that the 'typical' agent was in trouble given that commissions were being suppressed, competition was going up and the expenses were going up as well. 

But then I found YouTube Ads!  And everything changed!

"I took Jaime’s YouTube ads course a few months ago and I have to say, it was very thorough and easy to go thru. Jaime thought of everything and left no stone unturned. Well worth the investment. Eye opening."
Eric Drouin

Imagine If You Could Generate Leads On Demand, Grow Your Brand, Spend Less On Marketing & Have ZERO Competition Doing It? 
You will no longer have to cold call, door knock or trade time for money in the lead generation hamster wheel.

Imagine if you can spend your time doing ACTUAL real estate work? How much more joy would you have doing real estate? 

What if you could spend more time with your family and not miss any more recitals, games, trick-or-treating and other family time you love to do? 

Oh, and what if your new leads treated YOU as a celebrity and actually called YOU with eager anticipation of working with you? 

Your lack of leads can be solved with no more than 2 hours 
of weekly YouTube Ads work and you can claim your life back!
"How" You Might Be Asking...
The YouTube Ads Mastery Course for Real Estate Agents will walk you step by step from YouTube channel creation to actually converting leads.  You will be receiving leads within hours of your YouTube Ads being approved.  
Here's What's In It For You!
YouTube Ads Foundations
In the Foundations Module, we cover the 'why' AND dive deep into 'why YOU'!  Why YOU need to be advertising on YouTube and how you will be the first agent to stake your claim on YouTube.  It's in the Foundations that we analyze the YouTube sales strategy, identify your audience and craft your perfect offer! 
YouTube Ads Essentials
In the Essentials Module, we create your YouTube Channel, Google Ads Account, Google Analytics and connect them to work in harmony.  We also tackle conversions and ensure that you have all of the resources you need to make short work of you YouTube Ads. Your setup will takes minutes vs HOURS of painful research.  You just found the 'easy button'!  
YouTube Ads Creations
In the Creations Module, we do even heavier lifting!  We will go through everything you will need to create, upload and run effective YouTube Ads.  You will receive a comprehensive equipment tutorial and the breakdown on how to structure video ads that convert.  You will also learn how to run every type of YouTube Ad campaign available today!
YouTube Ads Optimization
In the Optimization Module, we cover how to split test and optimize your campaigns.  You will learn how to customize reports, review reports and make decisions in minutes rather than spend hours on each campaign. Also, you will get a very important coaching session on HOW to speak with Google way around it, you HAVE to learn this part! 
YouTube Ads Scaling
In the Scaling Module, we analyze your business and make it more efficient.  You will see how to automate your business so you avoid doing repetitive tasks that do not bring you revenue.  You will receive FREE traffic hacks along with tips and tricks that drive eyeballs to your business from future clients.  You will also see how to incorporate Facebook into your YouTube Ads strategy! 
E-Mail & Text Drip Campaigns
E-Mail & Text Drip Campaigns
You'll have all of the strategies to produce leads from YouTube you'll need an automated way to follow-up with them! These drips are all COPY &'s that simple! Copy and paste the 18 emails 14 texts into your CRM and you're done! You'll automatically follow-up and start converting your leads with ease!
Done For You Sales Funnels
Done For You Sales Funnels
Converting traffic into leads is one of the most difficult things to do online. How would you like the templates that have proven to work?  You will receive sales funnels that bring in Buyer Leads & Seller Leads!  You don't have to start from scratch and avoid spend hundreds of dollars in design time!
YouTube Startup Guide 
YouTube Startup Guide For Real Estate Agents
Have you ever wanted to get started on YouTube but don’t know where to start? found the starting point! This startup guide shows you how to optimize ALL of the videos you upload so you grow your channel quickly and reach as many future clients as possible!  The leverage you'll have with a larger channel is that you quickly cultivate a tribe that will use you for all of their real estate needs!
Facebook Ad Templates
Facebook Ad Templates
Since you will learn how to do Facebook retargeting in this course, I went ahead and included the Facebook Ad Templates for FREE!  Now you don't have to guess at what you should offer in your Facebook Ads to get leads. 
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Just Remember...
YouTube Ads Remain Untapped...
Remember when NO ONE was running Facebook Ads for real estate leads back in the day?  Now everyone is doing what I'm offering you is the opportunity to be among the FIRST to tap into YouTube Ads for real estate, get leads, grow your brand and be ahead of your competition. 

You too can get MORE leads withOUT spending MORE!  

Now is the time to act if you are ready to take your business to the next level.  The last thing I want for you is the feeling you'll have when you see your competition on a YouTube Ad sharing their services to the clients that YOU should have served.   
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Act Today & Take Hold Of Your Future!
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  • YouTube Ads Essentials($97 Value)
  • ​YouTube Ads Creations ($197 Value)
  • ​​YouTube Ads Optimization ($97 Value)
  • ​​YouTube Ads Scaling ($97 Value)
  • 30 Day ​Email & Text Drip Campaigns ($197 Value)
  • ​Done For You Sales Funnels ($197 Value)
  • YouTube Startup Guide ($197 Value)
  • ​Facebook Ad Templates ($297 Value)
Total Value: $1,473
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