Now is the time to learn about Remine!
Have you been hearing about "Remine" for a while now but not sure what it does, how you integrate it into your business or why you should care?  Wonder no more...this FREE course will get you up to speed and share:
  •  What Remine Is
  •  How To Navigate Remine
  •  Buyer & Seller Strategies
  •  How To Email Market With Remine
  •  How To Call & Text Market With Remine
  •  How To Direct Mail With Remine
  •  How To Facebook Market with Remine
We all have 24 hours in a day.  You can spend that time targeting everybody in your farm or you can spend that time targeting clients that are MOST LIKELY to take action.

Facebook Targeting features have gone longer can you target "Likely To Move," "Homeowners," "Renters," etc.  Remine changes the game completely by providing you a custom audience that is more targeted and more likely to BUY or SELL a home. 
Echo FREE Remine Course
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